Apprenticeship: Assisting and Mentoring Programs.

As part of the course the Teachers in Training ( TTs) will have to acquire experience in Observing, Assisting and Teaching in group classes. The benefit of being part of this program is that there is great flexibility as well as opportunity for the Teacher Trainees to either observe/assist their own teachers or one of the Aditya Yoga School team. Me and Mentors (from the current and past years ) are all established teachers in London so Teacher Trainees will have of choice for fulfilling their Teaching Experience hrs with Yoga Alliance approved Teachers.

Learning hands-on Adjusts

Learning hands-on Adjusts

Yoga Alliance offers insurance to TTs for very low cost so that they have the opportunity to teach their own classes in a safe manner even before they get their certificate.

Aditya Yoga School has an ongoing yearly Apprenticeship program ( Assistant) that allows one to two newly qualified Teachers to assist  me in my public classes / workshops / events. Also, as part of the School, i offer a yearly Mentorship program that allows two to four Alumni of the school to mentor on the RYS 200 Course.

Handstand Stradle Adjust

Handstand Stradle Adjust

In exchange for the commitment to assisting or mentoring the Alumni on the program will gain insights and practice their teaching skills and refine their teaching techniques. This program is offered as free continued education and allows you to expand the learning beyond the course and to build your confidence as a teacher with intelligence and invaluable experience acquired in the field.

Aditya Adjust weekend1

Mentorship and Apprenticeship Programs


Mentors: Youla Faita

Apprentices: Giusi Coppola, Luana Galoni, Pam Bussmann, Donna Jupp, Caroline Bordas, Christina Sjostrom, Erin Urqhuart


2015/ 16

Mentors: Melissa Case, Annie Rice, Anna Huddart

Apprentices: Youla Faita, Tia Castagno, Simona Schimanovich, Marjan Nouruzi, Jenny Mitchell

2014/ 2015

Mentors: Emma Colwill, Jenny Mitchell, Daria Germondari, Vanessa Lee

Apprentice: Amanda Wilson

2013/ 2014

Mentors: Androula Demetriou, Alina Bialek, Claire Barron



6 thoughts on “Apprenticeship: Assisting and Mentoring Programs.

    • Hello Steph,

      This free program is offered to students that have completed either the 200hrs or 300 hrs Teacher Training Programs with Aditya Yoga. Bot are held at The Light Centre Moorgate, London Uk

  1. Hi! I was wondering if the apprenticeship program is only available to graduates of the school, or any graduate? Thanks! Maria

    • Yes Mariajrosa. At least for now but things do continuously evolve and I’m actually look for apprentice at the moment. Generally though this is offered to students of mind that I know and can trust.

  2. I would love to become an apprentice as I am 39 years old and I qualified as a RYT 200 hr yoga teacher in india 2011. I have been practising regularly for yoga for well over ten years so I have a lot of experience but as practioner but not as a teacher. Could I please get information on how to enrol.

  3. Hi there

    I am a newly qualified 200 hour yoga teacher obtained in Rishikesh, India. I would like the opportunity to apply for your apprenticeship scheme in order to assist and further knowledge and gain experience in teaching.

    I would be grateful if I could have further information on this.

    Many thanks,

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