Aditya Yoga School ON-Demand

Yoga : a Living Tradition

Aditya Yoga School On-Demand is now Live!

My intention is to offer a whole Library of Courses and Resources to help you on your Yoga Journey. These Courses have been designed for Teachers and Teachers in training but are Open all with a keen interest in this Way of Living.

This Educational material is offered to teachers in training at Aditya Yoga school over the past nine years and is now available to support your studies and journey into the understating of this rich Disciple, Science and Art.

Vinyasa Flow Online Library

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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Course is now open for Enrolment

Thanks Alessandra for offering the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali online course. The course is packed with Information and the Sankrit Recitation of the Sutras is beautiful. The topic is so dense and there is much detail in your explanation. I’m glad there is video recordings available for this course. After more than 2000 years this Wisdom is still passed on with Love!

Tina P, London