Ujjiayi Breathing

Advanced Headstand Vinyasas: Padmasana


Sirsasana has more than 70 variations , according to Sri T. Krishnamacharia that continues to inspire many modern yogis in their explorations of Vinyasas ( intelligent transitions in and out of the asanas – postures).
Here i explore some variations of padmasana ( lotus ) in mukta hasta eka buja sirsasana ( free hand and forearm supported headstand) .


Advanced Headstand Vinyasas: pada kramas/ legs variations

In this video i explore variations and vinyasas of Free Hands Headstand ( that is an advanced variation of Headstand and should be only approached gradually and will be mastered with patience and dedication).
Once you are able to balance with your arms fully extended and hands flat down, you can play with the “pada Kramas” or leg sequences . Those varieties are straddle , split and core work in headstand.
Vinyasa is a method where we proceed carefully and build up with intelligence and gradually over time explore more difficult asanas and their flavours by adding new elements and keeping the practice alive and interesting.

Vinyasa Flow Sequence @Aditya

A short Vinyasa Flow sequence that contains intermediate asanas and loads of variations and vinyasa from the Krishnamacharia tradition

Twirling Vinyasa Flow Sequence: liberate Prana-Shakti

 Creative standing sequence based on twirling variations of Trikonasana Parivritta on Earth, Parivritta Ardha Chandrasana , Vashistasana and a few interesting transition vinyasas in and out of swirls of asanas. Twirling in and out of postures  requires stamina and creates a sense of freedom in the spine. The Spine is the highway for Prana Shakti, the electricity that keeps us alive!


Aditya Yoga School Classical Namaskar : Moving in Shync

In this video me , Alina and Androula ( Mentors ) and our friend Maria create the intention to breathe and “flow together” as one.

Aditya Yoga School Chant Citta Vritti

We are chanting from The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali : Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirhodah. Sutra 2, Pada 1.

Yogas – The state of Integration

Citta – Mind or Consciousness – literally means ” to be Conscious”

vritti – is a vortex of consciousness where the energy gets caught

Nirodhah – Cessation / Extiction/ Absence

” We are in a State of Union when the vortexes present in our Mind/ Consciousness cessate ”

When we chant we come together on the level of vibration. Also the Yoga tradition was completely oral for many centuries and the teachings were passed down form teacher to students and learnt by chanting. So we  honour this tradition.

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