300/500hr YTT And Prana Flow TT

I feel so lucky to have found Alessandra through a recommendation from another senior Prana flow teacher – my heart was longing to find a teacher I could learn from long-term based in London. Alessandra’s teachings are grounded in decades of experience, study and truly embodying everything that is passed on to students – it’s a magical experience being on her trainings and she holds space for her groups with strong loving boundaries which allow people to share and go very deeply. It’s been transformative so far and so blessed to have many more modules to study!

Faith Johnstone , London 2019 Aditya yoga school 300hrytt and Pranaflow 1st Intake

I am currently studying with Alessandra and Aditya school for the Yoga Advanced Teacher Training and since the beginning I felt I landed into the real, authentic yoga world. Alessandra has a huge extensive knowledge of all things yoga and she merges them perfectly into modern life. She is not only attentive to the single needs and goals but she is a community builder, bringing together like minded people to support each other along the way, but not only. The things I have been learning so far are countless. I highly recommend Alessandra and her school if you want immerse yourself into everything yoga.

Daniela Costantini, Dhanya Om Yoga London 2019 Aditya yoga school 300hrytt and Pranaflow 1st Intake

Alessandra and Aditya school of training is absolutely amazing. 100% taught by Alessandra herself who, is a more than a teacher in every sense. She is a highly experienced teacher who imparts all of her years of knowledge and wisdom with her students in such a personal and professional way. I cannot recommend her highly enough and feel truly blessed and grateful to have her guide me on my journey and will continue under her guidance forever and a day.

Lara L’Esperance , London 2019 Aditya yoga school 300hrytt and Pranaflow 1st Intake

I’ve taken both my 200hrs & further 300hrs YTT with Aditya and I am so grateful that I had Alessandra (and some very special guest teachers) share their vast knowledge with me. With Aditya there’s a unique integration of the physical elements of yoga asana as well as a full range of the energetic and spiritual elements. You’re given a solid grounding in every element of yoga from intelligent and creative sequencing and the art of adjustments to a delicious deeper dive into the beautiful practices of Tantra, Kryia and Bhakti yoga. I’ve not only received an incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom from Aditya, but I’ve also become part of an amazing community of beautiful and supportive souls that have been on this journey with me.

Joanna Porter, founder of Soma Space Claygate 2019 – Aditya yoga school 500hrytt and Pranaflow 2nd  Intake


200hr Foundation YTT

2019  – 6th Intake

I cannot recommend Alessandra’s teacher training course highly enough. She is creative and inspirational in her approach and I have finished the course feeling energised and excited about both yoga and teaching. The course is challenging (there is a lot of work both written and practical) but incredibly interesting and I have felt supported in my learning throughout. Alessandra makes the experience fun and enjoyable and she has a real talent for bringing all the students together to facilitate them bonding and working as a group. This has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. I am going to continue my yoga learning with Alessandra.

Melanie Sharpe, Cornwall 2019



I feel truly blessed to have found Alessandra teaching at the light centre in Morgate. I started attending Alessandra’s classes and quickly fell in love with her teaching style. I had wanted to learn more and delve deeper into the magic of yoga for some time as I have been practising for many years. I felt a connection with Alessandra and heard that she offered a teacher training programme. I signed up to the 200hr course and have just completed. I learned SO MUCH. Alessandra is such an authentic teacher, she teaches straight from her heart and you cannot help but become as enthralled as she is with all things Yoga. The course covers so much and does so with care and consideration. I am so grateful to have attended and completed this course. I would recommend it to anyone.

Vikki Holder, London 2019


I had looked for several years for the right yoga teacher training and with Aditya Yoga School I finally found it!
The course for me was life changing.. it packs in so much information and practical techniques as well as opening ourselves up to be the best version of ourselves to be able to feel ready as a vinyasa teacher.
Alessandra’s passion, knowledge, experience and strict but fun and holistic approach shines through and is why I feel lucky enough to have found this course.
The pace of learning is well planned as is the support throughout from both Alessandra and the mentors. Plus the added bonus that the location and environment in which it is held are delightful. I’d highly recommend learning here at Aditya Yoga School.

Carla Perron, London 200hr YTT 6th Intake


2018 – 5th Intake

The last 3 years of my life have been enriched by Alessandras’ teachings. I began with Prana flow foundation and then enrolled straight onto 200hr TT with her school Aditya. Im forever grateful for having found a wonderful human being who passes on and shares her breathtaking depth of knowledge and wisdom to which I aspire to. She is authentic, loving, caring, supportive and soooo much fun!!! Alessandra has an infectious loving presence about her. Once you start this voyage of discovery with her you don’t want it to end….and it doesn’t as the aditya school provides a wonderful sense of community. I hugely recommend her courses to anyone who has the desire to delve in and immerse themselves to deepen their practice/teach in yoga. Alessandra, thank you. Xx

Antonietta Samwell, London 200hr5th Intake and Pranaflow TT 1st intake


Alessandra is an inspiring, motivating and brilliant teacher. The trainings she offeres teaches you much more than how to be a great yoga teacher. It is a transformative path of discovering your true potential in Life, your soulful purpose. Once you study with Alessandra, you just cannot resist her “contagious” positivity! She is incredibly knowledgeable and all her teachings are insightful, deep and fun too. Ever grateful and honoured to be statudying with her.

Julija Kriksciukas, London 200hrYtt 5th Intake and Pranaflow TT 3rd Intake

From the initial telephone conversation to the continual sustenance provided far beyond graduating from Aditya Yoga school – my experience has been outstanding – rich beyond my conceivable expectations I feel most fortunate to have experienced Alessandra’s gentle, supportive, depth of expert tutelage. The breadth of understanding and knowledge imparted is remarkable. The practical materials and tools are excellent and subtle teaching sublime. Aditya, really is a traditional school delivered in a perfectly modern and accessible manner. Aditya School provides a community in every sense and it continues to provide me with positive experiences.

Munira Van der Zijl , Founder of Ohm Wellbeing  London 200hr YTT 5th Intake and Pranaflow TT 1st Intake

2017 – 4th Intake

“Doing the Yoga teacher training with Aditya Yoga School was one of the most incredible and enriching experiences of my life. The course gives you a strong practical and philosophical foundation of what Yoga really is. Having Alessandra as a teacher is a unique opportunity to live Yoga. She is passionate to the bone, charismatic and very creative – she guides you through a deep and unpredictable journey of self-discovery and hidden treasures that makes you want to come back for more. The technique you learn isimpeccable and the team of mentors are very supportive and attentive throughout the course. After this wonderful training, I can assure you that you will become the person you have been searching for. “

Sandra Batista, London 200hr YTT 5th 4th Intake

Aditya Yoga “Art of Teaching and Living Vinyasa” Module in Corfu, Greece May 2017


“I had previously attended Alessandra’s classes in the Light Centre Moorgate and was recommended her Aditya Yoga School by another fellow yogi.  At the time, although I’d practiced yoga for years, I was a yoga novice – and I only realised that having attended Aditya 200 hours YTT – but I wanted to improve and thought that the course was right for me. Alessandra’s amazing energy and positive passion for yoga and humanity is so captivating. I wanted the right individual to safely guide me on this journey as I suffered from migraines and back pain. I remember quite well the goals that I’d set up for myself: getting rid of my pain and enjoying this journey. During the training I’ve learnt how to use my own breath and body to increase mobility and lessen the pain. Alessandra has helped me achieve this to which I’m eternally grateful. She’s believed in me and she inspired me to do more. I utterly enjoyed every class and conversation, the whole spectrum of techniques and sequences and her passionate knowledge of this great science.
I would strongly recommend Aditya Yoga School for your 200 YTT course and Alessandra as your teacher. It’s not an easy journey and expect lots of reading and studying. But if you want something than you can achieve it. I managed to do it with a full time job and three young children.  The course allows time for studies and is long enough to give time to absorb all the information. I certainly wouldn’t have wanted a short intense course, especially as this is a vast subject and there’s so much more to learn!
I continue to attend Alessandra’s classes. She infuses her energy, knowledge and passion in every lesson, every class. She’s extremely inspiring.
I’m immensely grateful to Alessandra for teaching me to respect my body and its limitations and see yoga not as an Instagram feature but an incredible science and light and my future.”
Samra Hasanovich, ST. Albans 4th Intake

2016 – 3rd Intake

“I can’t recommend the 200TT course highly enough! I had attended Alessandra’s classes at the Light Centre in Islington and was mesmerised by her captivating energy, so I booked the course on a bit of a whim and didn’t really know what to expect. I was totally blown away, any expectations I had were exceeded. I instantly felt like it was a safe, fun, supportive environment to learn in with like-minded people.

Alessandra took us on an incredible journey, sharing her knowledge and teachings of this incredible science and ancient philosophy. There’s so much information on the subject matter that it can be a bit overwhelming at times, but the course was broken down into chunks that make sense to digest it in, logical layers to build upon as we moved forwards.

I started the course wanting to deepen my practise and ended the course transformed (but always transforming), with a growing yearning to keep learning and confidence to teach and above all, a group of wonderful friends.

Alessandra is a very strong being, with a strong offering of guidance, if you like her practise and her classes you will love this course!!”

Lauren Havard, London 200hr YTT 3rd Intake

“I’d been into my Yoga journey for a number of years when I met Alessandra through a friend who was at the time enrolled into her 200hrs YTT at Aditya Yoga School. It didn’t take me long to feel that this amazing and solar individual was the right light to guide me forward into the journey. There is a lot of yoga out there, trendy, fancy and hardcore focused on asanas that
makes our modern understanding of yoga limited.
Alessandra’s peaceful quest is to shift our perception of what Yoga really is and to offer the whole spectrum of techniques
as opposed to focusing on only one aspect  of this wonderful discipline. What makes her teachings interesting is the fact that one is empowered by getting familiar with richness of the Yoga tradition . The real and feel-right way to live Yoga is what you get when you choose to go further with her. Strength, balance, inner listening and peace within is what this course with Alessandra offers. That is what I have gained, the light to a way of life. And I never looked back. Thank  You.”

Giusi Coppola, London 200hr YTT 3rd Intake

“The 200h YTT with Alessandra is undoubtedly an intense experience on many levels. It spans a wide range of topics from a playful, creative asana practice to the spiritual aspects enshrined in seminal yoga texts such as the sutras and the Upanishad, from meditation and mudra techniques, to adjustments. It requires a commitment of focus and dedication, but is rewarding beyond the investment.

All the materials provided are filtered through the lense of Alessandra’s deep and broad first hand experience of yoga, and enriched with the wealth of her thirty years of knowledge of the subject.

Alessandra is more than a very knowledgeable teacher. She infuses all her teachings with passion, light and light-heartedness. She also knows how to coach each student to fulfil their potential.

The journey on the 200h YTT with Alessandra has undoubtedly shifted my understanding and love of yoga to new heights. Her teaching and presence catalysed some deep shifts in my life (including leaving my city job)! I wholeheartedly recommend her teacher training to all lovers of vinyasa yoga.

Caroline Bordas, London 200hr YTT 3rd Intake

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds. Your mind transcends limitation, your consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.” This quote by Patanjali author of The Yoga Sutras, wholly summarises my experience as a student on Aditya Yoga TT 2016.

Practicum at Aditya 2016
Practicum at Aditya 2016

The course provides a wide depth of material which piqued my interest at every corner. And just when I thought I had ‘covered’ a topic, I knew that there was much more to experience than all that I had read. The course is comprehensive and well structured with each module building on the previous, which gently guided me to the next levels of understanding.

The hands on teaching itself left me inspired. It comes without doubt that Alessandra has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Her disciplined manner and guidance led me to experience vinyasa flow along with its asanas, at a different level threefold – physically, mentally and spiritually. Being easily approachable I felt I could ask Alessandra any questions around areas and experiences I needed help with. Saying that, Alessandra reminded me of the importance of empowering myself along this journey.

From the plethora of things that I learnt about yoga, I highlight but a few:
– A greater understanding of the human body- anatomically and physiologically
– A greater understanding of the subtle body – emotionally, energetically and spiritually
– The importance of the Five Elements
– A greater understanding of the circumstances and experiences we create
– A greater awareness of the One Consciousness
– The importance of intention, integrity and the higher truth
– Finding my own way in discovering myself to be a greater person by far than I ever dreamed myself to be.

Jasmine Singh, London 200hr YTT 3rd Intake

“The Aditya 200 hour teacher training course will give you not only the qualification to teach Yoga, but also the confidence within yourself that your understanding is based on a solid foundation of technique and knowledge.

Alessandra’s enthusiasm for Yoga is boundless and her dedication to you will go way beyond any expectation you may have.
It is fundamentally her life’s work to pass on the knowledge that she has been given over the years.
With Alessandra you are not “buying” a qualification. No doubt, this course is full-on and very rewarding work.
You will be earning the right to say to potential students (and to yourself) that you have a rounded understanding to teach Yoga in a safe, positive and inspiring manner.
With monthly progress reviews Alessandra ensures that everyone understands the teachings presented through the weekend modules and she is on hand and very willing to help outside of the course hours to ensure everyone progresses together.
She will give you back as much as you are able to give yourself.
The pace of the course is great for anyone working full time.
It leaves enough space for practice, digestion of knowledge and home reading, but not too much time between modules that you lose the daily flow of being part of the course and the group.
Alessandra will guide you through and be on hand throughout her beautifully planned course.
If you are considering taking a condensed short course to get the qualification quickly I would advise you consider taking a longer period over the course. I couldn’t think it possible to ingest 20% of the knowledge that has been passed to me in a condensed course.
Within the solid framework of the curriculum,  i felt i had the freedom to develop my own style of teaching.
I was encouraged to interpret and use what i had learned in the way i wanted to use it, and  without the expectation to fit into a mold of teaching style.
Most importantly, i left the course feeling confident i could lead and advise my students with a sound all round knowledge of the highest level.
The course comes very strongly recommend from me and will impact your life in such a positive manner way beyond the qualification.”
Leigh Warner, London 200hr YTT 3rd Intake
Aditya 2016 Closing Ceremony
Aditya 2016 Closing Ceremony

“I’m so so happy I made the decision to start my yoga teacher training journey last year, I had been considering it for a while but nerves/confidence always held me back. After meeting you, Alessandra I knew it was the right time and the right course for me and I haven’t looked back.
It’s been absolutely a wonderful journey. I’ve met so many amazing people and made wonderful friends who helped and encouraged me along the way. I’ve learnt so much and look forward to continuing my studies to help me  develop and grow as a teachers and as a student of yoga.
I must say I miss the group and miss our weekends together, we started to feel like a little family and it was so lovely being surrounded by people who share your passions and to be able to share thoughts and ideas.

I loved all aspects of the course, and found the anatomy so interesting as it’s an area I really didn’t have to much knowledge on, I also loved the philosophy discussions and the reading assignments, as there is so much to take in and learn.

Before you embark on training with Alessandra consider that time has to be dedicated to study/ reading and assignments/ self development; this however never felt too much and I really enjoyed everything we covered. This was everything I had expected and was definitely prepared  to take as much from the experience as possible.

The course has also helped me learn a lot about myself  and over the year I can see the positive effects the course was, and still is, bringing to my life in all ways. I’ve loved the experience from a personal perspective and I know it is something truly special.

I feel now that this journey is just beginning and that this was the very best start I could have had and I am so looking forward to continuing, taking with me everything I have learnt and to continue to learn from such an amazing person.”

Donna Jupp, London. 200hr YTT 3rd Intake

2015 – 2nd Intake

“This teacher training is so much more than you are looking for. Come with an open mind and prepare to face your fears, come head to head with your personal barriers and explode through them should you choose. Yes you will learn to sequence asana, call the breath and structure a safe and functional yoga class, but this is merely the tip of the teacher’s iceberg. Dip in the ancient science of Ayurveda, allow your voice to resonate to the frequencies of sacred scripture, delve into the science of sound and energy, and generally begin to vibrate at a higher level.

Graduation Ceremony Aditya 2015
Graduation Ceremony Aditya 2015

This course offers you the chance to begin on a journey of personal discovery that does not end once you complete the modules and your exam. Take one small step forward on your path to becoming a yoga teacher, and one giant leap ahead in discovering how to live your personal passion. There will be highs, lows, thrills and spills but you will emerge enriched if you commit to the journey. This is the course for those who truly wish to embody what it means to be a modern-day yogi. Jump in with both feet.”

Anna Huddart, London 200hr YTT 2nd Intake


“Having recently completed my 200hrs training with Alessandra, I reflect on this experience and can’t imagine having done this with anyone else… her uniquely creative, challenging and almost magical way of teaching paved the way for a life changing journey that I could never have anticipated going into the course and that I am now so incredibly thankful for.
The course is constructed in a way that beautifully balances the tradition and roots of Yoga with a contemporary relevance and application of the practice that really resonated with me. Whilst the course is obviously a challenging undertaking, her style of teaching facilitates a depth of understanding across yogic discipline, that feels easily accessible and not only arms you with brilliant tools for teaching but also deepens your personal practice and spiritual evolution.
Alessandra’s energy is a magnet for the coming together of some incredible like minded souls, a community of yoginis that I now value as much as the new skill’s I’ve learnt.
Put simply, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.”
Joanna Porter, London UK 200hr YTT 2nd Intake
Aditya 2015

“I thoroughly enjoyed studying with Alessandra for my 200 hours teacher training. For me, there could have been no other teacher I would rather have studied with for my foundation course than Alessandra.

The 10 months with Alessandra will leave you breathless, emotional, happy, alive and changed. If that’s not your thing – then do the course anyways because Alessandra’s teaching offers a truly integrated way of approaching and addressing yoga.
Aditya Yoga School offers a great in-depth curriculum. The curriculum covers yoga (the physical practice) philosophy, history and practical knowledge as well as how the physical practices integrates with a variety of touch points which are all relevant to yoga including the chakra system and how this can be worked with/sequenced into a practice, the different energy movements within the body and Ayurveda.
Alessandra’s easy-going, sweet, caring and affectionate attitude is compelling because it gives you space to take in, digest and study everything properly. Not only will you be learning a lot about yourself on this 10 months journey but you most certainly won’t be the same as when you started. If you are looking to do a teacher training course to enrich your own home practice, then this is a great course because it will teach you about sequencing, and if you are looking to become a yoga teacher, then the practical teaching aspect of it (practicing teaching with each other during each module) is a great way to learn how to teach and instruct a class.
My greatest concern/worry before starting was my physical practice because I am not very flexible (the irony right?) – but the teaching phased over 10 weekends helps you practice, prepares and opens up your body so you can work more deeply in different poses and Alessandra, throughout the 10 weekends, offers you greater insight into working with your own body.”
Tehneyat Wassem, London UK 200hr YTT 2nd Intake
Aditya 2015
Learning, practicing , teaching at Aditya
” This course has been life changing, and I could not have been in safer hands for a transformation of this kind. I enroled on the course wanting to find a better work/life balance and whilst experiening some very strong emotional shifts in the first two modules I was resistant to make any changes in my life. I learnt that the struggles I have, are struggles that have been shared by other humans for thousands and thousands of years and that knowledge was very comforting. Each module had such a strong purpose and direction. What stayed with me most was the ‘flavour’ that Alessandra gave us at each practice. The elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether permeated my life and it became so obvious why I had the struggles I did.
I would love to do the course all over again, and incredibly Alessandra offers students that opportunity but in the role of a ‘mentor’ for the proceeding year (for the right people). I have been a teacher of dance, pilates and fitness for 17 years and this course has helped me to separate out that which is my life and my love (family, friends, home, dancing) and that which is my work. Before the two sides were so confused that I was constantly exhausted and unhappy. This course is firmly rooted in vast, timeless yoga tradition, and the yoga philosophy has become a pillar of strength and support in my life. There is real reverance to the teachers of the past and a strong sense of lineage, each step of the way we all felt we were part of something greater than ourselves, and it was a privilege to share in the knowledge and experience being given to us.
I have made friends for life on this course, I have transformed from a person that was in a cycle of working myself into the ground (quite literally) to a work from home mum, now expecting another baby. This is something that I have wanted for years but never knew what steps to take to get here.
I cannot recommend this course highly enough, for people who want to be taught by a lineage of yoga masters, who want to embrace their hidden powers, who want to blossom and transform into inspiring light-giving teachers and bring healing yoga practice to others. The journey is not always easy, and not free from pain, and it does not come to an end, but it is the beginning of a constant cycle of personal evolution that spirals upwards and touches everyone close to you. Thank you Alessandra.”
Hester Campbell, Pilates, Fitness and Aerial Yoga instructor, Professional Dancer
200hr YTT 2nd Intake
Shifting from individual to group. A key part of the process is remembering that we are part of the collective
Shifting from individual to group. A key part of the process is remembering that we are part of the collective
” When I enrolled on Alessandra’s course I expected to learn how to teach yoga and I expected to master my headstands. I did not anticipate the journey I went on, the huge personal transformation and the even greater life shift. I have learnt so much about myself and embarked on the beginning of a new path in my life. A path that I am so excited to discover, I feel like the world has opened for me (and I’ve also got quite good at headstands – some days anyway!)
I’ve been lucky to spend time in the safe and open space of my new friends on the course. I believe Alessandra’s method is right for everyone, no matter how different we all were, we all cried, laughed and danced – (alot) along the way to finding what we each needed to find. I cannot wait to share yoga with more people and continue my own journey as I know we each will. Thank you so much for the ride Alessandra.”
Annie Rice, London UK 200hr YTT 2nd Intake

2014 – 1st Intake

“Begin where you are and allow yourself to experience a transformative learning journey under the expert guidance of Alessandra Pecorella. If your asana practice has left you with a curiosity to understand more about the teachings of yoga and/or becoming a teacher yourself, this course will give you excellent ground knowledge of the various aspects including pranayama, vinyasa sequencing, philosophy, mudras, mantras and meditation. These are all underpinned by the guiding principles of Ayurveda and how together, these teachings are so relevant for our modern lives. Integrated practical and theoretical knowledge are entwined with creativity, passion, movement, fun and infectious energy! This course is deeply enriching and will leave you wanting to explore this wonderful path further.”Emma Colwill, Cheltenham, UK

“Alessandra is the best guide I could have chosen to refine my skills as a teacher. She has a special way to distill all her knowledge about yoga (and Ayurveda) both in a serious and entertaining way. Knowledge seeps in without you even realising. If you’re looking for a serious TT with added fun and the opportunity to actually teach, then you’re in the right spot.”
Laurence Idezak, Teacher in Training 2013/14 from Brussels, Belgium

“Life Changing. Life Saving. Don’t even try and imagine your destination at the end of this incredible journey. It knows no bounds. Just let go and Vinyasa Flow. Expertly guided by Alessandra Pecorella and suffused with the wonderful transforming energy she creates within a group. I would highly recommend this course to the discerning yogini who wants to reach beyond asana.”
Ness Lee, London UK

Module 5 Aditya Yoga School: Exploring the power of Sound
Module 5 Aditya Yoga School: Exploring the power of Sound

“Anybody thinking of joining or enrolling on a TT, this is the place to be!!! The care to detail and commitment is just out of this world. It is all the extras that make this TT so special. I just love Alessandra bringing Chakras and Ayurveda into it as well. That was just the best bonus! The Course is practical and could be used for the rest of our lives and will not only improve our lives,but those of our students as well. Will always be grateful to Alessandra and Aditya Yoga School and I will for sure do many  workshops and hopefully the 500 hrs with Aditya as well.
Alessandra your bubbly and caring nature and your lovely mentors that help with your course make us feel so special and welcome. Cheers to many many more years of training new teachers!!”
Driekie V. R , Norwich UK

” I really recommend this course to anyone who is interested, curious and passionate to learn and understand more about Yoga. Alessandra is a truly inspiring and incredibly knowledgeable teacher who shares all she knows with a lot of love, generosity, energy and humour! In each module you explore asanas, mudras, mantras, philosophy and ayurveda – as the course goes along, your understanding expands and makes you want to learn more! The mentors supporting Alessandra are fantastic and so are the other students sharing with you this life changing experience!”

Maria Cavatore, London UK

Sangha / Community
Sangha / Community
“Alessandra’s in depth knowledge and clear commitment to the yogic path (not to mention her bendiness) provide the backdrop to this yoga course. As well as learning lots, meeting some amazing people, deepening my practice, I have felt completely nurtured during the time that I have spent with the yoga group. It has been a powerful process.”

Kirstie Smith, London UK

“I come away from each module with my mind blown wide open with new learning, my body feeling renewed and reawakened from a transformational practice, and my spirits lifted and inspired immeasurably from Alessandra’s infectious enthusiasm, energy and awesome inner library of knowledge. As well as this, the joy and humour she brings and spreads throughout the group has me still beaming long after I’ve returned home. I really cannot over emphasise how much I love this course. I have learned so much, while feeling supported and inspired. A truly fantastic and completely life enriching experience. I don’t want the course to end! I would love to carry on and do the 500 hrs advanced course. “

Rose Hall, Stroud UK

Teaching lab at Aditya Yoga School
Teaching lab at Aditya Yoga School
“Anyone who is passionate about yoga and all it has to offer, then this course is for you! Not only will you come away truly mesmerised and inspired each time you come into contact with Alessandra’s massive amount of knowledge, you will gain life changing moments of realisation too. The guidance and teachings you receive is so fantastic, the time and care that is put into the course is shown in the weekends you attend.   You will not be disappointed. The support and help from Alessandra and the mentor team is priceless. If you need any form of help or just a little chat they are all there with their arms open to help. I am so proud to say I have been apart of her trainings! Thank you!”

Jodie French-K , Norwich UK

“Choosing to study at The Aditya Yoga School was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The course is a perfect balance of theory, spirituality, philosophy and practical asanas with a large pinch of magic! The sequencing is unquestionably beautiful but it is not just about the asanas, all the eight limbs are explored and explained. Doing this course will give you a wonderful foundation for your teaching and your life.”

Tamsin Stockwood , Lewes Brighton UK

Aditya 2014 Closing Ceremony
Aditya 2014 Closing Ceremony

“I always loved yoga, Alessandra made me understand it too.  Now, alongside my passion, I have the intelligence to sequence, to structure and to keep the enthusiasm alive for myself and others!  Thank you Alessandra!”
Amanda Wilson, London

“Alessandra is a great and very supportive teacher . She focuses on the needs of each individual student and and helps them develop their physical abilities and bring to the surface their character, aiding them to become confident teachers. She has an in depth knowledge of yoga and Ayurveda and teaches them in an engaging way. She conveys information so you absorb it without even realising it. I highly recommend the Aditya yoga school and Alessandra, so if you are looking for a Teacher Training, then you’re in the right place.
Angela Macias, Valencia Spain

1 thought on “Testimonials”

  1. I had looked for several years for the right yoga teacher training and with Aditya Yoga School I finally found it!
    The course for me was life changing.. it packs in so much information and practical techniques as well as opening ourselves up to be the best version of ourselves to be able to feel ready as a vinyasa teacher.
    Alessandra’s passion, knowledge, experience and strict but fun and holistic approach shines through and is why I feel lucky enough to have found this course.
    The pace of learning is well planned as is the support throughout from both Alessandra and the mentors. Plus the added bonus that the location and environment in which it is held are delightful. I’d highly recommend learning here at Aditya Yoga School.

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