How to Apply

Krishnamacharya: the father of modern Yoga
Krishnamacharya: the father of modern Yoga

In order to join the Teacher Training Courses offered by Aditya Yoga School you have multiple options.

First of all choose one of the available Courses that are offered periodically during the Academic year ( from September to June/ July ) by checking the school Calendar.

I teach  variety of Courses:

  • Intensive Modules (38/40  contact hrs) over a week.
  • PranaFlow Yoga Foundation Teacher Trainings: Embodying the Flow and Mandala of Asana (100 hrs)
  • PranaFlow Yoga Elemental ( 80 contact hrs)
  • 200 hr Aditya Yoga school Foundation Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training , 1 academic year.
  • 300 hr Aditya Yoga School Advanced Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training , 2 academic years.


The Full Program (500 hrs) runs over three years and is structured as Foundation Course (200 hrs) plus an Advanced Course ( 300hrs).

The Foundation Course (200 hrs) is offered in 10 weekends, spanning over 6 months,  non residential in London.

The Advanced Course ( 300/500 hrs) is offered as a series of

7 week long Intensive Modules


5 Modules plus EFLOW or  ELEMENTAL


This  Program is open to everyone.

Registered Yoga Teachers, qualified from the Aditya 200hrs or other school with equivalent level of certification (200hrs) and Advanced students of Yoga alike (with a minimum of three to four years established practice) can access the 300/ 500 hr courses.

To know more about the Vinyasa Flow 200 hrs and 300 hrs/500hrs or PranaFlow Affiliate TT Courses pls check the respective 200 hrsProspectus  , 300hrs/500hrs Prospectus  and Affiliate Pranaflow pages.


A detailed copy of the Course Prospectus will be sent to you via email upon application.


To register for the:


  1. Embodying the Flow Pranaflow 100hr TT
  2. Aditya YS 200hr TT
  3. Elemental Pranaflow 80hr YTT
  4. single Module INTENSIVE
  5. Aditya YS 300/500hrs TT 

please fill the APPLICATION FORM below  

All your data is collected and stored according to our updated Privacy Policy that can be found at the bottom of this page

To consult the School Privacy Policy please read the updated Notice here

Privacy Policy UPDATED at 25 May 2018 GDPR

If you need to contact me please email me at





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    1. Hello Nupur,

      i ‘ve emailed you this morning from the adityayogaschool email address. Let me know if you have received my email and i will send you more info and what exactly are interested in. Thanks

      Aditya Yoga School, Founder & Director

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